Hazleton workers' compensation lawyer

Each state has a worker’s compensation law that requires employers to provide workers with benefits when they are injured on the job. If you worked in a place with employees, then you probably already knew about these laws. But if you are self-employed or work at a small business, you may have to contact a worker’s compensation attorney to help you understand the extent of your potential liability and the benefits you might be eligible for. Here are ways a lawyer can help you obtain benefits you are entitled to.

Compensate you for medical treatment

An injury on the job can trigger medical bills and treatment that are not covered by your employer’s insurance. A Hazleton workers’ compensation lawyer can help you to ensure that any necessary treatment is paid for by your employer, which is typically required by law.

Compensate you for lost wages

If you suffer a work-related injury, you may be unable to work until you recover. In this case, your worker’s compensation attorney should inform your employer that you need time off to recuperate. He or she will then ensure that your employer pays you the wages you missed during the time off.

Compensate you for pain and suffering

If you are injured on the job, your worker’s compensation lawyer can help to ensure that the compensation you receive is exactly what you deserve. In most cases, an injury that results in temporary or permanent disability is enough to trigger benefits. The amount of these payments will be based on one of two systems: a loss of earning capacity system or a no-fault system.

Hazleton workers' compensation lawyer

In the loss of earning capacity system, a judge will decide how much your injury has diminished your wages, and award you that amount in benefits. In the no-fault system, you are guaranteed a certain amount of money regardless of how your wages have changed.

Protect your employer’s assets

If you have been injured on the job, then your insurance company is likely entitled to investigate who is to blame for the accident to ensure that all applicable liability is paid. Your worker’s compensation lawyer will make sure that you are protected financially, so that your employer is not burdened with excessive costs.