Sports – Best Activity To Keep You Healthy & Fit

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So nowadays people are so busy with their work and other things that they can not focus on their health and fitness.

Sports as a career is great but who those want to be healthy and fit should consider sports more than a career. Sports are an activity that challenges people to achieve their fitness goal much more passionately. Sports helps people to increase their self-confidence, makes them work hard and become more disciplined in their life through sports.

Sports That Will Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

  1. Road Cycling

 Cycling is an aerobic activity, which is helpful for your heart, blood vessels and lungs. It is helpful for increasing cardiovascular fitness and increases body temperature which improves your overall fitness. Cycling can decrease the chances of some serious diseases such as heart attack, cancer, depression, stroke, obesity, diabetes and arthritis. Cycling is a type of activity which is easily fit in your daily lifestyle such as you can go shopping by riding, park, and even school or work. Cycling as a daily exercise is not very expensive and anyone can afford it. It is easy, fun, affordable and environment friendly. 


  1. Swimming

Swimming as a workout is a great option because you need to move your entire body against the flow of the water which helps to burn calories, improves cardiovascular system, increases heart rate, tone muscles, build endurance. It the most effective way to burn calories and stay fit. Swimming is a safe exercise for the people who have disability, arthritis and other issues. It helps to improve your sleep. Nearly 50% of older people suffer with insomnia, so this excellent exercise for them. Some safety tip to reduce any accident in swimming:

  • Swim in the area which are designed especially for swimming such as pools, roped off sections of lakes, and other safe places, where they have lifeguards for any mishappening.
  • While swimming outdoors you should wear at least a SPF 15 sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. Avoid swimming at 10 A.M and 4 P.M because the sun is highest at that time.
  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated while swimming.
  • Children should never swim alone. They must have someone to supervise them.

Introduction to Fashion:-

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Fashion is nothing but it is a way of expressing ourselves at a particular place or period. Fashion includes the way that how one’s having clothing, hairstyle, makeup and body posture. Thus Fashion is defined in number of ways and application to fashion is not clear sometimes. We can also say that fashion is a key of someone’s personal identity. As it looks similar like art , that the person’s choice in fashion are not liked by everyone, but be an expression to personal taste .Fashion comes from Latin word which means “to make”, Thus it is what we see. It’s the inner feeling of human being to present one’s self according to their own mindset thinking. Fashion changes from country to country according to different region their temperature variations by rain, cold, etc. Finally we can also say that fashion is the time, attitude and form of behavior that would be seen in society and are transferred from one generation to other.

  • Types of Fashion Styles:-


  1. Bohemian style:-This Style is all about natural fabrics, earth tones, dyes and all print accessories all around the world. Hall marks for boho style includes maxi dress, long skirt, fringe and handbags.
  2. Preppy style:-This style is all about neat, understated and often expensive clothes which look like young but its classic style. Preps are often known for wearing oxford shirts, boat shoes, khaki pants and polo shirts.
  3. Streetwear:-This style is casual clothing which includes 4 categories that is sportswear, luxury, original and adopted style.
  4. Classic Style:- This style tells about person’s personality of preference towards timeless looks, elegant and very simple cuts , the choice of fine fabrics that are natural and accessories that are matching like handbags and leather shoes.
  5. Sporty Style:-This Style can also be known as at leisure which considers athletic wear like bike shorts, oversize sweatshirts, leggings etc.
  6. Casual Style:-This Style tells about what you might wear on the weekend like jeans, T-shirts and flat boots. Sporty Style and streetwear both can be considered as the casual style type.

Thus we can see that there are different types of fashion styles worldwide. Thus we can conclude that fashion design industries are billion dollar industry and are set to grow evenly in upcoming time. Fashion design is gifted art.Fashion trend is changing continuously we like to wear clothes as per latest fashion but before running behind that fashion we should see that fashion trends suits on us or not.